Working at home rant

I work for a major corporation which you may know. It’s big. It’s a good company. For what I do, it works out that working from home works best for me and for the company. But I must admit. Working from home does not always “work”. Or rather, I don’t always work when I’m working from home.

In some ways I work longer hours, or rather work in a wider array of hours. I may wake up early and stay up late for calls in different time zones.

I guess I should not complain. but working at home does have it’s disadvantages. In previous jobs when I was “working from home” it was more like taking a sick day with out taking a sick day; a euphemism for slacking, or the occasional “have-unavoidable-errands-to-run-and-taking-2-hours-out-of-the-day-to-commute-meant-I-would-not-get-them-done.” You know what I’m talkin’ about, right?

Well now I actually work from home. I mean, if I’m not traveling, I’m working from home. I’ve been trying to do this for almost 2 years. Sometimes busier that other times, but I do need to work. The kids and the wife have finally started to understand this concept. I think they finally get it, but it’s been a struggle to get them to understand when I’m working and when I’m just sitting in the office slacking, especially once school it out of the day.


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