Why Provisioning Is Important

I’ve been a uverse user for 2+ years. I’ve tweaked my channel and internet lineup a few times during that time. In Dec. I upgraded to U200. Last night I upgraded my internet from Max to Max Plus. Over night the service must have been provisioned and for whatever reason, I stopped getting HD channels.

So I started chatting with "Donna" who wanted me to "help me add HD to account". The billing summary lists HD inside "Additional AT&T U-verse Monthly Charges". Although I remember paying for them separately, at first glace today I thought maybe Donna was trying to pull a fast one on me. ADDING HD? I never took it off!

Had Donna believed me and/or understood what happened, all would have been okay. Now I’ve re-added HD which ATT took off without asking me. Thanks for the $10 discount on that, but I’d rather just not have the headache. But instead I’m spending an hour haggling over this… and wondering if Comcast is any better.

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