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Multipath Networks wants to mix and match your broadband to give you a faster pipe

Interesting, but I’d be worried about combining a home FTTH/DSL/Cable unlimited broadband with a metered LTE connection. Seems like you’d get overages up the wazzu. The FAQ on Multipath’s website didn’t seem to help explain it much.


An Irish startup has launched an Indiegogo campaign that wants to help people make the most of their existing bandwidth by combining all of their connections together. This means your 6 Mbps DSL line and your 5 Mbps LTE connection could work together to give you 11 Mbps.

Justin Collery, the CEO and founder of Multipath Networks, offers a few other variations and benefits, such as getting a boost from sharing a connection with your neighbor, or getting around network disputes like what happened when CBS blocked Time Warner Cable customers from watching its content during a retransmission fight.

Multipath has built a router that retails for about $200 and can combine up to four connections to boost both the connection speed and the reliability of the resulting network. There’s also a $5 per month subscription fee after a free trial period that covers the cloud-based intelligence that makes the…

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Shocker: Anonymous Microsoft investors want to give Bill Gates the boot

I can understand how investors would want someone that’s full time in this role. Smaller companies tend to have chairman’s that sit on several boards, but the Cisco, HP and IBMs of the world tend to have full-time Chairman/CEOs.


Is it times for Bill Gates to go? Apparently some Microsoft shareholders think so.

For the 13 years since Gates ceded his CEO slot, he stayed on as chairman of the company he co-founded but spent the bulk of his time on philanthropic endeavors. During that time there was nary a whisper of complaint about that arrangement. No longer. Three of Microsoft’s top 20 major shareholders think Gates’ time is up, according to Reuters which did not name the discontented parties.

If true, this is big news since there are many inside and close to Microsoft who would love to see Gates back as CEO, now that Steve Ballmer has said he plans to leave that post within the year.

The gist, from Reuters;

The three investors are concerned that Gates’ presence on the board effectively blocks the adoption of new strategies and would limit the power of a new…

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Rethinking Energy

The first time I heard or T. Boone Pickens I was living in Japan. Mr. Pickens bought a large share of a Japanese auto parts maker called Dentsu. Dentsu and T. Boone didn’t get along. Honestly I didn’t know what to think of the guy.

I still don’t so I say this with some hesitation and with the caveat that I don’t understand his motives quite yet…. but his plan makes sense.

I am curious to see what he does next and willing to give it a chance.

Digg – No More HDMI Cables: Wireless HDMI On the Way

No More HDMI Cables: Wireless HDMI On the Way

Amimon showed us its WHDI (Wireless High Definition Interface) working perfectly at last January’s CES and today the company is shipping that chipset to manufacturers of TVs, projectors and other consumer electronics products. The chipset enables uncompressed 720p and 1080i video to be transmitted over the 5GHz wireless band

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